XQuarry 4×4 Challenge 18.2.2023

What is it: The XQuarry 4×4 Challenge is a drive challenge for off-road vehicles. Some sections will only be possible with modified cars – the whole idea is to test the car and drivers ability in technical challenging terrain – you can exit challenges at any point if you cannot or don’t want to try to complete them. For not or only partially completed challenges you will get deducted points. At the end the winners will be the cars with the highest score.

Date: 18 February 2023
Time: 10:00am start – expected finish and prize giving 3:00pm
Location: XQuarry Park in Mleiha
What to bring: Your 4×4, recovery gear
Who can join: Everyone with a capable 4×4 and a spotter – during the challenge no other people will be allowed in the car! Spectators will have free entry.
Fee: per team (1 car, one driver one spotter) AED 275 after. Registration is limited to 20 cars only
What’s included: free water, coffee and tea during the event, free full day park access at XQuarry for the event day.

Trophies for 3 best cars.
Winner team prize money AED 1.000 + AED 1.000 Offroad Zone voucher
2nd Team – AED 1.000 XQuarry voucher
3rd Team – AED 500 XQuarry voucher



This challenge is only for experience off-roaders and not suitable for stock vehicles! AT Tires, lift and skid plate are minimum requirement. The shown images are for illustration purposes only and don’t show the actual challenges… they will be much harder 😀

I – The Wadi Trail

II – Fix a Pop-Out Challenge

III – The Obstacle Challenge

Challenge 1:
The Wadi Trail – maneuver your car over big rocks and boulders, tight turns and sloping mountains. The fastest time and no diversions from the trail will win.

Challenge 2:
Fix a pop-out challenge: Pop-outs (the tire gets off the rim because of low tire pressure) is not a rare thing to happen off-road so every real off-roader should be able to get the tire back on. We have setup a challenge to test your skills – you are only allowed to use an air compressor and basic tools (no flammables or explosives are allowed). The full setup and tools will be provided.

Challenge 3:
The Obstacle Challenge: go through some selected 4×4 obstacles at XQuarry park:

  1. big axle twister and uphill axle twister
  2. 40 degrees side slope
  3. big tire trail
  4. concrete pipe climb & trail
  5. RTI ramp to get index points
  6. steep stairs climb
  7. gravel slope uphill climb
  8. hard-core crawl (big concrete block climb) only for extra points if anyone can do it

Time and skills will be counted – for some of the obstacles the driver must pick a flag without leaving the vehicle to reduce speed and the requirement of control and precession. 

At the end the achieved points for all the challenges will be summed up and the team with the most points will win.

A waiver form must be completed prior to entry and can be done beforehand here.

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