Challenge Info:

This Off-Road Challenge will take driver and machine through custom-built obstacles, a mud pit, and a blindfolded drive course.  This event is not a race!  It will focus on your technical driving ability, throttle control, patience, trust in your passenger, and how much you like getting your hands and feet dirty to be successful and emerge as the winner.
Spectators are welcome at normal admission fees valid for the full day.  Masks and physical distancing applies.

The event is split into three different challenges:

Section 1: The first part of the 4×4 Challenge will test throttle control of your vehicle.  By placing a water container on the bonnet (non-permanent and easily removable after the event), the goal is to complete selected obstacles by spilling as little water as possible. Once all obstacles are completed, the remaining water will be measured and the team with the most water remaining will win.

Section 2: A mud pit will dare the driver and machine to push through 50 meters of mud, do a u-turn (on hard ground) and come back through 50 meters of mud.  Points awarded for successful completion of the mud pit (no extra points for speed).  Keep the windows closed!

Section 3: The key to any good team is communication, and a blindfolded driver listening to navigating instructions from the passenger is exactly what this will test.  Barrels used as obstacles that are covered so as to avoid any scratches on vehicles in case of a hit.  Points are taken away for every hit.


Winner will receive a trophy and a set of brand new BF Goodrich  tires.

Second will receive a full outdoor camping set from Coleman and trophy.

Third will receive a tire inflation and deflation kit and trophy.

All cars will receive an event T-Shirt, BF Goodrich cap, Kärcher safety glasses and an XQuarry car sticker.

Contest Rules:

·  You will have 1.5 hour time allowance for the challenges.

·  You should register in teams of 2 people per car (each car must have one driver and one co-driver, extra passengers are not permitted).

·  Drivers must hold a valid driving license.

·  You have to arrive 30min before your time slot and will only be allowed to participate in your allocated time slot (you can arrive at 8am and just wait for your turn and watch the other cars)

·  You can enter only once. The competition is limited to max. 50 cars

·  The challenge takes place on Friday, 2. April from 0800 to 1300.  All contestants have access to the entire park for the whole day and are invited to complete all our obstacles after the event.

·  Cost for the event is AED 249 (and includes the AED 150 full-day park admission – you can stay after the challenge and do all obstacles, the trails, BBQ or any of the other activities).

·  Participation is at your own risk, we don’t take any liability for damages to your vehicle.


Driver and Co-Driver have to sign the mandatory waiver form! If you have signed the form to an earlier visit you don’t need to sign it again. We will verify at the entrance if you have signed or not (if not you need to sign it at the entrance)



Required Equipment:

·  All vehicles must be in good condition with front and rear recovery points and a spare tire also in good condition.

·  Keep your center of gravity low by minimizing any weight on your roof! Jerry cans are not advised to be carried on your roof and absolutely no roof-tents.

·  No more than two persons per car.



You can pay at the XQuarry Office at the event date. We accept cash or card payments.

For more info or details call, Whatsapp 055 2855336 or email to