Starting from AED200

Who Can Attend?

XQuarry welcomes anyone with a passion for riding. We offer training courses to acquire and improve skills, from absolute beginners to elite riders. Riders can access the park either on their own motorcycle or hire one from XQuarry.

Access and use of the park is at your own risk!

Please read our terms and conditions.

Valid motorcycle license

Enduro Bike with min 700ccm

Full protective gear while riding (helmet, gloves, boots, protective jacket & pants)

Completion of the XQuarry Orientation

What to Expect?

Orientation: Orientation is required to protect the safety of all park visitors.

Participants should have some basic knowledge of riding Adventure Bikes, a reasonable level of fitness and have completed the Enduro Orientation. You should also have a passion for adventure and be prepared to roll up your sleeves, get dirty, and work hard for your team.

The Orientation course consists of:

  • An orientation to the site facilities (toilets, showers, first aid station, café and trails)
  • Briefing and an orientation ride around the enduro park
  • An introduction to the agility course, obstacles and trails

This Orientation course can be completed either as a standalone event, or as a part of our Training Course.

Duration: Approximately 2 hours

Training Courses

Enduro training courses are designed to cater to all level of riders with a focus on technique, environment and terrain.

  • Our priority is the individual rider which is why we conduct all our training in small groups (maximum 8 per group).
  • Our training courses focus on preparing the rider for the unique and diverse environments of the region.
  • We offer training courses for beginners to the more experienced off-road riders. If you want to improve or practice your skills, we have the perfect environment.
  • Private, semi-private, Ladies only (etc.) training is also available on request.

Trail rider:
This course is for any rider who wants to start riding more off-road.

We focus on bike set-up, body position, balance, turns, and brake/clutch control. The surface will mostly be flat gravel including some turns.

Trail Master:
This course is for riders who already have some basic off-road riding skills, previously completed a training course, or have ridden off-road for some time.

We will refresh body position, balance and clutch control. More focus will then be on elevation, hills etc. as well as uphill and downhill riding techniques. Choosing the right line and “hill-recovery” will also be covered. The surface will be gravel, rocky areas, deep gravel. We will also cover some basic sand riding and water crossings.

Terrain Master:
This course is for the already experienced off-road rider who wants to develop his/her riding skills even further.

We will cover riding on loose surfaces, including hills and turns. Riders will get to navigate tight narrow passages on uneven rocky terrain. Long steep hills with ruts will also be introduced. We will also practice water crossings and even mud-riding. Finally, we will re-enforce sand riding skills, including dune riding.