Starting at AED 150.00 / day

Who can come?

You can visit the park and explore it on your own or with a group of friends or you can book some of our training courses. The emphasis is on coming with your own car and learning how to master it off-road.  We are also going to offer drive experiences with 4x4a you can rent at XQuarry in the second phase of the park opening.

Permitted access to the park:

Access and use of the park at your own risk!

Please read our terms and conditions.

4x4s with road registration

modified 4x4s in technical good condition

UTVs with roll cage

Touring bikes / Enduro (starting March 2021)

motor bikes are not permitted

quads are not permitted

  • We will require a UAE or international driving license for the entrance to the park. Fire extinguishers and first aid kit are mandatory in every car. For UTVs flags and helmets are mandatory.
  • The activity is not supervised! unless you book a guided drive, a private lesson or a course
  • Don’t come alone, ideally you come in groups of 2 or 3 cars to be able to guide each other. Most obstacles require a spotter outside the car to ensure safe passage
  • Always wear your seat-belt – small children must have an appropriate child seat. We will not allow entrance if you don’t have child seats for your kids.


Guided Drives AED 250

If you plan to come alone or are not sure about your and your cars capabilities we recommend to opt the the option of a guided drive which is only an extra charge of AED 100 to the off-road admission of AED 250. This is the best and safest way to get a taste of off-roading. The guided drive is only at the main obstacles and will take depending on the group size 1-2hrs.

Thursdays 02:00pm
Fridays 11:00am & 02:00pm
Saturdays 11:00am & 02:00pm

Since the group size is limited to maximum 5 cars, we recommend to reserve of book a slot to ensure the group is not fully book. for more details email to or call/WhatsApp 055 2855336

Access to the mountain trail and the plateau

  • To access the mountain you first need to complete all obstacles – once you confidently passed them you may be approved to drive up the mountain.
  • Drives up are only possible after 11am before the track is open for hikers only
  • You are only allowed to drive up the mountain in groups of min 2 max 6 cars. The limit on the mountain is 12 cars. You are not allowed to camp, picnic or BBQ on the mountain. You will get assigned time slots to not block the access to the mountain for too long.
  • The access to the mountain is locked – you need to get permission and a key to open the lock from the entrance office.
  • The entry ticket does not entitle you for access to the mountain – it’s the sole decision of the park manager to grant access.
  • It’s not permitted to dig or alter the tracks up the mountain. At key sections we placed wood and rocks you can use in case you get stuck
  • You car needs to have sufficient clearance and all terrain tires.
  • Stay on the main track!
  • When coming down drive in first gear


What to expect?

You will find almost 15km of custom-build and prepared off-roading tracks requiring different skill levels as well as technical modifications on the vehicle (advanced level). The tracks are mostly gravel and rocks and even a mud pit. As you can find dunes everywhere in the UAE, we have not included a sand dune area inside the XQuarry park. But there are some of the most impressive dunes in the northern Emirates just outside the park providing the opportunity to combine a desert drive with a park visit.

In addition to the tracks, you will find many custom-build obstacles simulating different driving situations. These obstacles will challenge your driving and technical skills as well as the capabilities of your vehicle.  We have 20 different obstacles (and we’re regularly creating new ones), some of which have different levels of difficulty such as the slope climb with different angles and/or on different surfaces.

We have worked very hard on selecting and building our obstacles with a clear focus – on testing not only driver skills but also the technical capability of the vehicle:


Approach & departure angle

Break over / ramp angle

Wading/fording depth

Maximum gradients up/down

Traction on different surfaces

Suspension (articulation, ramp travel index)

Side slope angle / lateral incline

On our natural rock and gravel trails, you will face the same challenges but in an uncontrolled environment which makes it much harder. You need to judge if your car and you can take on the obstacle or not. We have different grades for the trails, as long as you stick to the easy trails most drivers should be able to complete them. If you go to the pro levels we will throw it all at you – it will be possible only with modified cars and with exceptional driving skills.  

 If there is something you could not find, tell us! If you miss a challenge or obstacle, we do our best to include it in the park for the future.

Ramp Travel Index

or RTI, is a way of measuring a vehicle’s ability to flex its suspension a.k.a. axle articulation.


Most trails can also be driven by ATVs.

Rock the Rocks

Since the park is situated in an old quarry you can expect rocks, rocks and more rocks.

Get Dirty

We have setup several water and mud features in the park all year round.