4×4 Course 3 – Advanced Car & Recovery

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This course is designed to give you the necessary skills to understand what you need to do in a situation – this may be recovering someone in the desert, changing a tyre in the desert or fixing a pop out, basics of dealing with a car fire, and what to do in a roll over situation. While some of these may never happen, it is always best to be prepared so you know what to do and avoid further escalations.  
Whether you do the occasional beach trip or go out to the desert every weekend, this course is for you. Its core focus is to prepare you for what is needed in case you find yourself in a tricky situation.
The Course will Cover:
  • Desert Recovery Equipment: (what to use/buy and what to stay away from).
  • Recovery Techniques: the safest ways to recover another car in the desert.
  • Tyres: changing a tyre in the sand, using a tyre repair kit, fixing a pop out.
  • Fire Suppression: Where to store your extinguishers in the car, what type works best, how to use them properly (we’ll set a car on fire and you’ll  extinguish it).
  • Roll Over Simulator: we put you in our roll over simulator, roll you over a few times, and then explain the safest way for you to get out of the car while it’s upside down.