4×4 Course 3 – Advanced Car & Recovery

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Master – 4×4 Course III

The Master 4×4 course is designed to give you the necessary skills to understand what you need to do in a situation – this may be recovering someone in the desert, changing a tyre in the desert or fixing a pop out, basics of dealing with a car fire, and what to do in a roll over situation.

While some of these may never happen, it is always best to be prepared so you know what to do and avoid further escalations.


Whether you do the occasional beach trip or go out to the desert every weekend, this course is for you. Its core focus is to prepare you for what is needed in case you find yourself in a tricky situation.

The Master Course has many specialized elements and event option topics and skills we can cover. We recommend you get in contact with us if you have specific requirements or want to focus on one or some of the listed topics below.


The following topics are covered:
For all our courses, we not only cover ‘the what’ and ‘the how’, but also ‘the why’ – this is critical so you can build on your knowledge simply with experience in going out to the desert.
Classroom Session
special recovery gear
Accident or roll-over first response
Vehicle roll-over / flipped sideways
How to navigate without maps / GPS
Park Session
Correct use of fire extinguishers
Repair of pop out
Repair of puncture
roll over put back on wheels
>currently not avaiable <
Roll-over simulator how to get out if the car is upside down
mud > on request






Desert Session
Crest riding / crossing sideways
side cresting
Side slope recovery with the shovel
fixing pop out wihtout a jack
Recover vehicle without tow points
Identify alternate points to tug




  • 30 minute training room session to cover the basics (air conditioned and washrooms avaiable).
  • 1 hour practical session inside the off-road park to put into practice what you have learned under the guidance of our instructor.
  • 2 hour session in the desert where you put into practice what you have learned under the guidance of our instructor.
  • Several short breaks where water, soft drinks, coffee, and snacks are provided.