Torch Run – Family

400.00د.إ incl. 5% VAT

Registration fee for one family
Race date Saturday 10th September 2022
Family: (min 3 people one adult and one child below 18 years from the same family / max 6. )


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When summer heat is scorching there is only one way of running – at night. With fading light the world looks different especially in the outdoors, colors are facing and turn into grey shapes only which brings a new challenge and excitement. Adding a dramatic environment like the mountains and an abandoned quarry promises to let you adrenaline pump.

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Family: minimum 3 people one of them must be an adult and one of them a child below 18 years from the same family. Maximum 6 people.
Winning family will only get one trophy and one price (not per member)
Family needs to finish together otherwise the time of the slowest runner will count.


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