Starting at AED 50.00 / day for all outdoor activities

Who can come?

Anyone! We have no age restrictions but minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Permitted access to the park:

anybody who is interested

not permitted any type of vehicle

You should only follow the marked trails and return back to the park before closing times. All hikes are marked and navigations devices like GPS are not required.

Access and use of the park at your own risk!

Please read our terms and conditions.

What to expect?

XQuarry is offering hiking routes for all levels with spectacular views and diverse trails. Some trails are easy to walk others required scrambling over rocks and boulders.

If you are inexperienced or are hiking with children, we always recommend opting for one of the guided options. A guide will always add to your experience and can point out highlights you might miss otherwise.

We constantly extend our routes  for now there are the below routes open:

The Plateau Walk (only  9am – 11am)

The Plateau walk is a 2,5km walk up (total 5km) the mountain on the wash out track which is also used by the 4×4 to climb the mountain. The road is exclusively used for hikes every morning from 9am until 11am after that we will open the trail also to a limited number of cars and you might encounter cars on your way down. The trail is easy to follow and not technical, yet the surface is loose gravel and uneven. It is exposed to the sun, you should ensure sun protection and enough liquids. The reward of the hike will be the spectacular 360° view of the mountains in the east and the desert in the west. The way back is the same way you came up you should be able to do your way up and down in about 1.5-2hrs.

The Secret Valley Hike

This hike is a bit more technical and requires some scrambling over rocks and bolder in some places but there are no steep cliffs you would need to pass. It is about 2.5 km and you should be able to do it in 1-1.5hrs up and back. Along the way you can find “The Passage” a huge rock laying on smaller rocks building a natural bridge which you can pass through underneath. Further up the trail you will find “The Cave” a small cave you can crawl in and see how far you dare to go in the dark. The end of this short hike marks the “The View” a small plateau up the valley with great views down and towards the desert. From here on it will get more technical and you can continue to other route options or trace your way back.

The Cliff Views

is a steep 2km hike straight up the mountain in a wadi bed and later on the rounded mountain ridge until you reach the cliff facing towards the north west with amazing views of fossil rock and the desert. the hike can be done in one hour but requires some scrambling and passing steep hillsides. The highlight will be a picture on top of an exposed rock with the desert as the background.

Warning – stay away from the cliff edge the rocks are loose and can break of easily!

The Short Cliff Loop

This is a noticeably short hike which is the perfect trail for beginners to get a taste what awaits them on longer hikes. The loop is about 800m long and goes around the obstacle running area up on the first cliff step. The trail is not on the cliff edge, it is also suitable for families. The area is in the shade in the morning so it can also be done in the hotter period. This short hike provides great opportunity for some amazing photos. It should take you 30-45min to complete it.

Family Friendly

Easy, short loops with no exposure to cliffs.

Get to the top

Reach the top of the mountain via different routes.

Don’t look down

Advanced hikes which require scrambling on rocks and along cliffs.

Amazing views

All hikes guarantee amazing views of the mountains and the desert.